Rights as a contract bound tennant?

    Ok my Girlfriend has moved away (bad times), a 12 month contract was signed for and she is sharing with another girl. The flat is obviously rented and they have the agreement with the landlord.

    However the other girl has started stealing from her and just generally being very lazy.

    I realise that I am unlikely to get sensible answers on here but I know there are some people here with a fairly sensible head on their shoulders.

    I there anyway my Girlfriend can get out of this contract and leave the other girl to take over the contract and get another person to share with.

    Sorry, not sure if its specific to the landlord youi rent from or whether it is a certain law so understand if you cant answer the question properly.

    Also any links to good legal rights sites?

    **Awaits the LMGTFY links**


    Why doesn't she talk to the landlord and tell him what has happened he might be understanding


    no they would need to terminate the contract together and for the bills and bond to be paid up.....then the persons wanting to stay there would need to sign a new contract and provide bond etc again

    you need to speak with the landlord but it can be quite tricky if everyone is not in agreement or on the same page

    i needed out of a contract a while ago - the landlord said as long as theres someone to take over- its fine..
    so, best bet is to speak to the landlord, ask whether it would be ok to advertise the room again - suggest not moving out until its taken.
    As long as they dont lose out on money, sure they wont mind.


    just get the landlord to kick her out as she must have broken the terms of contract (i.e thieving).



    just get the landlord to kick her out as she must have broken the terms … just get the landlord to kick her out as she must have broken the terms of contract (i.e thieving).

    As I understand, the theft is between the two tenants so this probably isnt an option.


    Take the sensible approach to this:

    Approach the landlord and explain the circumstances in their entirety. Offer resignation and see what the landlord suggests. It might just well be that the other party will remain in the property and pay the bills or the landlord will serve an eviction notice. If the 2nd tenant is not happy then I suggest your girlfriends threatens with legal action against her for theft etc. I shouldnt advise this point, but feel that it is in your girlfriends interests to force the other in to submission.

    Potentially there are other tenants lined up. You just dont know.


    Depends on whether a contract was signed jointly or a seperate contract for each.

    Best speak to the landlord as he/she may be happy for her to move out if a replacement tennant is available. But very doubtful she can leave without paying rest of contract as the landlord could lose money while getting new tennant. If the landlord is in breach of contract in any way that may be an easy way out

    Original Poster

    Thanks everyone...I will get her to speak to the landlord as that sounds like the best bet.

    Deserved rep on its way...apart from CSIman who didnt buy my copy of Fifa 09 in my other thread

    Legally, I think the landlord can insist she sees out the contract term, or, if she does leave, she'd have to pay the value of the remainder of the term.

    However, most landlords can be quite agreeable in situations like this. If your girlfriend has a word and asks to get out of the contract early, as long as she gets someone in to replace her, and continues to pay rent etc until someone else does move in, the landlord is likely to agree. As long as they're not losing any money, they should be quite happy.

    i'm sure she can approach the landlord explain the situation if nothing is done surely the next step would have to be the police
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