rights if a company is taken over help please!

    ok im hoping somebody knows the answer to this.

    Basically i brought a laptop from in oct 06 since then it spent 6 months of its life under repair. I therefore spoke to trading standards and they advised to contact the company under the sales of good act which i did but just as they agreed to look into it the company went into administration just my luck! Anyways trading standards told me in that case its pretty much tough luck.

    Now tho has resumed trading but is under new management by a different company, would they be responsible for previous sales as they are trading on the same website or not?

    thanks :?


    In :-(

    I very much doubt they took on all the old warranties. It would be treated as a new business. Usual scam these management often pull.

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    bah thats what i was thinking was worth a try

    especially since the warranty run out in october too! on the bright side the last repair they did before warranty run out does seem to have finally fixed it, but thats after its had every single component replaced some multiple times so much for acceptable quality

    one thing i can say is dont buy a acer laptop!!!

    Any problems and you should be able to go to Acer direct but to be honest it'll be easier getting any fixes done locally.

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    acer refuse to deal now its out of warranty and the sales of good act only relay to merchant not manufacturer guess its tough for me then thanks for the help tho!
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