Found 12th Nov 2009
My Sony Ericsson W595 broke about 3 months ago, I am worried because when it had problems it was on the ledge next to window but it never leaked or got condensation so thought it would be fine(considering theres a electrical socket there!)

At first it dropped charge twice then charged ok, then it charged but it took about an hour and random insertions of the charger, then the next time it only charged after I held it over my gas cookers flame(risky) so it may have condensation in but not sure.

Since then the best I get is a pulsing light which is very faint below the keys and it wont charge, the charger works with my other Sony Ericsson phone(which is locked to Orange or I would use it) so it must be the phone.

As my contract is ended though the phone is less than a year old(got out of contract early) 3 who are my provider refuse to fix it despite me keeping the contract and getting a new phone with them and starting contract afresh just with cheaper line rental.

Sony said they would fix it, then sent me a letter saying I had to agree to their terms and conditions that say if the fault was of my own, they would either destroy the components or return them to me disassembled express mail at my expense.

I was just worried if I sign it and either it is my fault of they claim it is, I have no comeback.



All mobile phones have a 2 year warranty. Take it into Carphone warehouse they will carry out a repair under warranty as they're an accredited repairer of Sony Ericssson mobile phones. If it has any liquid damage they may still attempt a repair or they will deem it as BER - Beyond economical repair. This will not cost you a thing.

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What on earth made you try holding over your gas cooker's flame?How … What on earth made you try holding over your gas cooker's flame?How random is that?Everything you are saying points to it being water damaged.Is there something you are not telling us?

No I was told it was water damaged before I put it over the cooker and I didnt put it right over but enough so if it was water damaged it would warm up, sort of similar to having a heater but as I have only an electric heater it wouldnt of worked well.

I'm not stupid enough to put it on a bare flame lol.

And when the shop person told me it was water damaged (it had a bit of green mold on or something on charger slot) I thought if it was water damaged then whats to lose holding over heat for a few seconds or so.

EDIT looks like I forgot to mention I took it into the 3 shop first as I thought it might have been charger, whoops.

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Phones (and ipods) have moisture indicator stickers that change colour … Phones (and ipods) have moisture indicator stickers that change colour when they get wet.

Cheers, any ideas where they are i.e on the outside?

Its a shame I knew no one else with the same phone as then I could just check the battery.

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Inside, there are a couple spread round the curcuit board. AFAIK.

Damn that would of been the easiest way, I hope I am just being a bit cynical and its another fault and the person in the 3 shop was just trying to get money (she told me it wouldnt be covered by insurance and would cost £20 to repair)
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