Rihanna pre sale link/code for Belfast anyone?

    this is a long shot,but anyone got a pre sale LINK or CODE for Rihanna in Belfast!?? Her pre sale is tomorrow at 9am

    Thanks in advance!


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    Its Ticketmaster btw

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    Keep an eye on this site and they should provide a link either before it goes live or as soon as it goes live. They have twitter too so you could tweet them and see if they will have it.

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    thanks for this - never seen this site before
    will check it in the morning

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    not listed

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    hey thanks very much!
    I didnt get to buy them online though - my mummy went ahead and phoned her friend who works in ticketmaster and asked her to get them, for my xmas present - so now i dont know what seats im getting
    the pre sale would have been better
    thanks so much for the help much appreciated!
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