rillington place (Spoilers Below)

Just watched first episode last night. Ive seen the Richard Attenborough film years ago so i know the story. But i was thinking, as these woman's bodies were hidden under the floor and in the walls over a period of years, why didnt the place smell? Surely a decomposing body would stink . Was just wondering if anyone could offer an opinion.


- phillred


I think that was how he was caught in the end

" With now four badly decomposed bodies around the flat no amount of disinfectant could stop the smell."…tml

are you a series killer?

Should have had SPOILER ALERT in title

He bought cheap Yankee Candles through HOTUKDEALS

Spoiler alert ? Why ????? The true story of a mass murderer has dead bodies in it ?


Should have had SPOILER ALERT in title

​Don't be ridiculous. It's a true story. Should people not be allowed to talk about factual events?
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