Ring vs Nest indoor camera

Posted 13th Dec 2019
So I am looking to get an indoor camera to keep an eye on the house/our cats when we go away, however I am not sure whether to go for a Ring or a Nest camera.
Does anyone have experience with either?

At the moment I own a Ring Doorbell (with battery), and although it is fine, sometimes I have issues with notifications not coming through. It can be slow, or not alert me at all, or not ring the chime, despite us having a fast internet connection. I would've preferred the Nest doorbell but needed something with a battery sadly. So I already use the Ring app and have Ring protect for the doorbell.

As for indoor smart tech, I already own a Nest thermostat and two Nest fire alarms, so a Nest camera would tie into those. I quite like the Nest system but am not sure how their cameras perform (and if the IQ one would be better than the cheaper indoor one).

What are your experiences with these products people?
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Doesn't make much difference, pick one and enjoy...



beware some charge for storage of cctv clips, i use a blink xt2 from amazon which is subscription free and this has night vision
Having owned both and tried many other brands I’d always pick Nest for the quality of the cameras, footage and notifications.

However, there is Wyze cameras that are getting good reviews, so worth looking at them for a cheaper option. They have indoor pan and tilt now and they’ve recently released some new products to compliment home security. Not actually tried them so can’t comment personally.
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