ringtone from the warriors film

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Found 2nd Mar 2007
iv just watched a film called the warriors,amazing film.anyway has anyone seen the part at the end where sean penn is in his car with the bottles clicking in his hand singing


does anyone know where i can get this as a ringtone lol


rip it yourself?


found a wav angelfire.com/tx/…wav

Convert that to mp3 and you're good to go.

Great film, chilling scene with the clinking bottles. Was that Sean Penn though?
I watched that film sooo many times in my yoof! cant remember it though, think ill have to look it up again.
The Wanderers is also a good "gang" film, good music too.


the bottle scene the actor was David Patrick kelly, a cult film if your interested there is a cracking web site


I remember that film too! :-D

It was (and still is) a classic.

At the time it was out, boyfriends best mate worked at the pictures, so we could get in free!! (I know, naughty, naughty!) :oops:

Anyway, we saw it every Friday for about 3 weeks! The same when Grease was on too! (We picked one film each!) :giggle:

I'm giving my age away here!!! :whistling: :giggle: :whistling:
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