R.I.P Graeme Stiff ! xxxx

Found 17th Mar 2009
Hey Guys,

I just wondered if anyone knew of Graeme Stiff or anyone else Killed in Afghanistan / anywhere through the army.
Graeme Stiff was a friend of mine and have known him since i was very young. He enjoyed his army career and he got deployed out to Afghanistan where he was killed brutally in his vehicle by a bomb in Afghanistan just yesterday.. it is all on the news today and i just really wanted to post this as i know other people will have known others (or Graeme ) who have been killed so awfully through this war.
please feel free to write any posts that send your condolences or just anything that you want about the war and people you know have been killed or injured.

sorry to make this a depressing subject, i just wanted you to maybe take your time out for five minutes and realise how important life is and how important everyone you love is. also for the people who are fighting this war. I wont go into my opinions about the Afghan war as to put it bluntly i do not think we should be fighting it, but honour those who are ...

i just wish justice could be served xxxxxxxxxxxx R.I.P Graeme. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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RIP to your friend and all the others who have lost their lives in Afghanistan/Iraq
sorry to hear it mate, looks like its going to go on for years though.
I watched the Ross Kemp thing. He was right in what he said really - its a shame this is no longer front page news.

Pretty powerful as well when they just announced a soldier had died while they were still out on an excerise.

Sorry this is probably a bit off topic, but just my thoughts.
It's very sad - RIP to your friend.

I've lost a dear friend too - though 25 years ago now - I still think of him frequently

I'm sorry to hear of the loss of your friend - take care x x x
RIP graeme and all the others that have lost their lives, and also heart felt wishes to family and friends of those that have lost their lives xx
To all the soldiers that have lost their lives in war... albeit in Afghanistan or in any tragic war we have had to face. May your lives not of been in vain, your , memory, courage & strenght will live on in our hearts for ever.
You are not forgotton heroe's, RIP! x x x

RIP Graeme, our thoughts are with your dearests.

.... i do not think we should be fighting it, but honour those who are

nicely put :thumbsup: and I'm sorry to hear about your friend.
Nice things are said here :
My thoughts are with them all and their families, i know a lot of people out there it is scary and i think of them all the time

RIP Graemexx

RIPNice things are said here … RIPNice things are said here :http://www.mod.uk/DefenceInternet/DefenceNews/MilitaryOperations/CorporalDeanThomasJohnAndCorporalGraemeStiffKilledInAfghanistan.htm

thankyou xxxxxxx
to all our fallen hero's you will be remembered in our hearts and our prayers
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