RIP Michael 'Jim' Delligatti Creator of the Big Mac

    The Pittsburgh-area McDonald's franchisee who created the Big Mac nearly 50 years ago has died.

    Michael 'Jim' Delligatti was 98.

    McDonald's spokeswoman Kerry Ford confirmed that Delligatti died at home surrounded by his family on Monday night.

    Delligatti's franchise was based in Uniontown when in 1967 he invented the chain's signature burger with two all-beef patties, 'special sauce,' lettuce, cheese, pickles and onions on a sesame seed bun.

    Delligatti told The Associated Press in 2006 that Oak Brook, Illinois-based McDonald's resisted the idea at first because its simple lineup of hamburgers, cheeseburgers, fries and shakes was selling well.

    But Delligatti wanted to offer a bigger burger and it went over so well it spread to the rest of Delligatti's 47 stores, then went national in 1968.

    'I felt that we needed a big sandwich,' the Delligatti told Reuters in a 2007 interview. 'But you couldn't do anything unless they gave you permission.'
    To Delligatti's delight, the product was 'an immediate success,' he said, adding that the recipe has not really changed in the 40 years.

    'The first day we just used the regular bun, we didn't have any center (bread) slice,' Delligatti said. 'Making it that way made it very sloppy. The next day we put the center slice in, and today it looks the same.'
    When Delligatti created the Big Mac in 1967, it cost 45 cents and McDonald's had just 1,000 restaurants.

    Despite its ubiquity, Delligatti said he never received much from McDonald's for creating the Big Mac.

    'All I got for the Big Mac was a plaque,' he said, adding that he prefers eating the chain's Hotcakes and Sausage, another menu item for which he is responsible.

    The Michigan State graduated started his business in 1956 after learning about McDonald's during a trip to the National Restaurant Association trade show in Chicago.


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    Cant beat a properly made BigMac & strawberry milkshake.

    fowl cheap nasty food.

    Worked at Maccy D's inventing burgers and live to 98! Who says Maccas isn't healthy X)

    Sad he didn't get much for it, like a lot of inventors.

    A true hero. Although The Whopper is the best "high street" burger you can buy.

    I remember my 1st BigMac in the early 80's, it was the best thing I had ever tasted

    I thought Ronald McDonald invented the burgers? is their any proof to this mans claims?

    Buried in Big McCoffin

    wonder if he was a flasher?

    do you think the first one he created is still as fresh today as it was back then?


    fowl cheap nasty food.

    No- Big Macs are made with beef, not chicken...


    Cant beat a properly made BigMac & strawberry milkshake.

    ​Five guys can


    Buried in Big McCoffin

    Ha ha

    Shows that nice simple inventions can change the world. A shame he didn't get much for it, surely the corporation could've made him a millionaire with all the money they have!


    fowl cheap nasty food.

    Agree, the big mac is the most revolting burger i have ever tasted in my life. And i have eaten out A LOT in my life in both takeaways and restaurants. Mcdonalds food makes me cough up phlegm after digesting the cardboard every time. I only eat it in absolute emergency.. ie.. its 2am and im far away from home, luckily very rarely.
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    Its hardly an invention!


    Worked at Maccy D's inventing burgers and live to 98! Who says Maccas … Worked at Maccy D's inventing burgers and live to 98! Who says Maccas isn't healthy X)Sad he didn't get much for it, like a lot of inventors.

    I know crazy. Was reading about the intern who was working for Microsoft and created the
    the windows card game solitaire and got zilch. Oh how many hours I played that
    game just to see bouncing cards.

    click me for article
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