Rip off BT Business broadband option 2 alternative advice requested

Found 26th Nov 2008

Just been made aware that BT are ripping us off. We have business broadband option 2 and a business telephone line and we are paying silly money for them compared to residential users. We are paying something like £35 for 8mbps broadband all you can eat and £16 for a phone line.

We are on the Shrewsbury exchange which has C&W / Bulldog, AOL,Orange and Talk Talk (CPW) installed. Any recommendations as our contract is due to renew on 8th Jan.

I was thinking of keeping the business phone line and switching to residential broadband but I'm not sure they will let us do that as we run a guest house.

Any advice?

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You're paying for better support and in theory better reliability.

It sounds like you've been looking at SamKnows, the bits listed under LLU are providers that have installed extra equipment at that exchange. If you've got the ADSLMax tick then you can get broadband from all the standard ADSL Providers - Demon, Zen, PlusNet, Eclipse, AOL etc.

I don't know if buisnesses are restricted to buisness broadband but I doubt it, a quick email or phone call to an ISP you're considering should sort it out though.
You always pay extra for Business Broadband compared to residential.

Your should get better support and you also get lower contention rates, 20:1 as opposed to 50:1.

Our work broadband for each site we set up costs £40/month and £300 for setup, but the support we get is phenomenal, they call us normally to say they have noticed a problem and are sending our a new router/engineer before we even know there is a problem.

Work out how much you rely on your broadband for work, then work out how much it would cost if it was down for a day/week/month and then decide whether it is worth paying more for support.
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