Ripoff dentists!

£16.40 and they couldn't even identify the exact cause of the toothache I have been getting recently.


They said come back when the pain comes back into full force, erm yes and another £16 thank you very much??!!


This is exactly why all those people who want to go private and get rid of the NHS should shut up. Dentist were the first to go private (part-private) and look at the costs, waiting lists, people who cannot get a dentist, etc!!! Vent over

So don't go back. Sorted.

was that private or nhs... because I had major toothache back in january and didn't have a dentist but I rang the emergency nhs dentist and they sent me to a local dentists who looked at it said it needed removing but couldn't do it at that time, I got charged £15.90 or something like that.

went back after taking the course of antibiotics that the first dentist prescribed, she numbed the area but, was still too bad to operate, so more drugs week later 3 visits one tooth removed cost a total of £15.90

not sure on the time scale but if you go back within that time you will not be charged again


A wee tip, if you're in pain and extraction is the most likely solution to your problem, nip off to the hospital.

Whilst working in Edinburgh, I had excruciating pain - brought tears to my eyes. I called the Infirmary and within hours I had the thing pulled out - pain gone and wallet no lighter. Although I would have gladly paid thousands to have had it removed at that point.

my brother just had to have 1 tooth out and a couple of fillings, £260 as they told him they would not keep him on national health anymore and would not work on him unless he went private.
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