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    ripped money / notes


    I've got some money which is ripped. Two tenners with some tears and a new fiver with a hole in it (hole is near the see through bit).

    Will any bank replace them for me? How does it work?


    as long as the serial/serials are intact then they are valid uk currency

    alternatively there's the following should the notes be mutilated link

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    Yeah mate just found the tenners down the back of the sofa and the fiver I got today only realised the small hole

    Try spending it. You will probably be pleasantly surprised.

    My Dog once chewed 2 £20 notes, he swallowed some bits so both notes had missing pieces and were badly torn. My bank could not help. I had to send them to the Bank of England with a completed form explaining where the missing pieces were.........in my dogs belly X)

    Just use sellotape

    Send them me and I will dispose of them for you.....honest.

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    Send them me and I will dispose of them for you.....honest.


    Put them into your bank account. Banks are less fussed about damaged notes as notes are burnt regularly anyway.
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