Found 18th Dec 2009
My daughter asked me to get her a charm for her bracelet for Links of London. I googled the name and it took me to a site offering 60% off charms. Needless to say I was ecstatic, thinking they've got a sale on. So, I placed my order - for 6 charms instead of 1 (seeing they were such a bargain), and gave them my credit card details. I then thought I'd go on their Instant Chat to ask whether it would be here for Christmas. It was only then I thought....ummmm, rather abrupt responses and can't spell.... is this a genuine site. So I called Links of London and they said, NO, "there's loads of counterfeit sites out there".

1. How can the real links of london allow counterfeit sites?
2. What's the likelihood of me receiving the goods and if I do, what can I do if they're crap?
3. Because I paid by Credit Card, can I get my money back (over £100)

Gosh I feel such a fool - especially with all the hype and media about counterfeit sites at the moment.

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yes if you paid with credit card call them tomorrow and start a chargeback.

"How can the real links of london allow counterfeit sites?"

How can they stop it, Thats like someone impersonating you, ripping people of under your name and then the people conned asking how could you let it happen.

Nothing to do but report it to the police, your credit card company will help you with that.

Original Poster

Thanks. I get what you're saying, just when it happens it's a real kick in the teeth. I'll call my Credit Card company now.

plenty fake sites just like for uggs-lesson learned-never google for stuff like this-go direct to dealers that you know are reputable.

I nearly bought a sweetie bracelet from one of these sites but someone checked out there ip address details for me and it showed as being linked to china, needless to say that once I knew this I didn't buy,just not sure how you check it.

Hope you recover your loss.
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