RIPPED OFF!!! tell us yours! share and feel better!

    Come on we have all been ripped off now and then! Im gonna start by telling you mines. Im sure it will make us all feel better knowing we all get ripped off.

    Bought a PSP for £170! BASE PACK! was a year back now but still!

    Please someone make me feel better by telling me they have been ripped off more then me!



    this should be in misc

    ouch and i felt bad for paying 2 pound too much for a Wii game!

    i feel for u buddy! hope u screw the builder over!

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    I hate it when your forced to pay £2 for a 500ml bottle of coke at music concerts because you're not allowed to bring in your own.

    I bought a GBA game for £29.99, opened it and the box was empty! wont do anything about it (as I have already mentioned in another thread) so a very expensive box!

    empty boxes make a fortune on ebay

    Have slept on what can only be described as a block of concrete for the last 8 years. Eventually nagged the sweetie into buying me a new super dooper memory foam matress ... for £400. Got it home ... slept on it for a few weeks ... sweetie got a sore back and the damn thing was too soggy ... so memory foam is now in our loft and I am back on a bed on concrete!
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