Ripping DVD's and saving to ipod Touch, anyone know the best free software?

    Thanks guys. I have found a couple that allow a limited amount of tries before you buy, but can't seem to find an easy to use free one.

    Thanks again



    iTunes software (not the web site)?

    You can "rip" mp3s and sync your iPod with this. I'm assuiming this should work with a Touch?


    Doesn't Itunes do it?

    Original Poster

    At a price, you can download from itunes, but I already have the DVD's, I just want to get them on the computer, and save them in itunes.

    The easiest way is using dvd 43 and handbreak. both are free programs
    dvd 43 just works in the backgound the take the copywrite off the dvd. hand break encode the dvd. the file it creates then just has to be added to to itunes library.

    The only failsafe method I have found is to decrypt the DVD with DVDFabDecrypter (free) and then encode for iPod Touch in Handbrake (free). DVD43 is rubbish and won't work for the majority of new releases (won't even do Talladega Nights etc...)
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