Risk getting a FairFX card - travelling in 12 days (7 working days)

Found 24th Apr 2009
I'm thinking of going to the USA soon and have been looking at travel money. I haven't done any of the stuff like prepare but I want to get off this island.

So was looking getting a FairFX card via quidco as that works out best for me and their FAQ says will get the card in 7-10 'working days'. Normally these are just to cover themselves so I was wondering what experience people have with them? Should I risk getting one? I'll be pretty pissed if it didn't arrive.
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Well I ordered it. I tried the nationwide online a few days back and they said they'd send some stuff through the post which I ain't got yet. Also tried a post office credit card at the same time but their server was having problems.

I haven't actually booked any flights yet - 6th May was a point where flights are currently cheapest but I'm gonna keep an eye on them coming down for the week after that unless it arrives next week :-)
I ordered 1 last year and it came within 3 days so i think you should be safe :thumbsup:
got caxtonFX within 3 working days so u should be ok
lateblock and gog5y - thanks for the info, rep added for both of ya :-)
for future reference. I got the card and pin within 5 working days. Card after 3 days and pin on the 5th.
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