Riverford fruit n veg boxes

    Ello anyone get one of these? i got my first one today and im really chuffed with it. The fruit is sooooooo tasty :thumbsup: :-D


    give us a linky!

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    sat nite few voddies normally head for god knows what but not normally healthy..............what am i eating a apple?!!!! so tasty. my fiance is one of these...............hmmmm how do u describe it????????????? well he was like look aslong as it aint much more expensive its fine but when he tasted the apples and grapes he was like yummmmmmmmmmmmmm!

    what does fruit and veg actually taste like?:giggle:


    what does fruit and veg actually taste like?:giggle:

    [COLOR=royalblue]I think it tastes like a cheeseburger :lol: [/COLOR]


    mmmm nice ah but is that Macdoodle burgers or burglar king:giggle:
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