Groups - IPOD Touch clone - Any experience of them?

    Son want's an MP3 (etc) player from christmas & I stumbled across this IPOD touch clone (doesn't have wifi) for £40.…=39

    Does anyone have any experience of the company or this particular product?



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    Here's the link - ]http//ww…=39

    Pretty sure a friend was talking about these, he had nothing but good words

    Could be worth a go at that price :thumbsup:

    Assuming this is the same model, it works out cheaper at Dealextreme:…638

    $47.50 is about £30.

    There's a few reviews on there too. I wouldn't expect these to be built very well so I'd guess they'd brak easily. I had a chinese clone ipod shuffle and it broke within a week or so. The plus side of buying from that UK company means you can return it when it breaks (not.. when... if]!). Returning to DX is just a big hassle.

    My motto:

    ''Buy crap - get crap''

    It's expensive for a reason, and usually worth the extra bit of cash.

    Could be hacked memory, will certainly be poor quality sound, the features on their are exactly the same as the el cheapo ebay chinese players and dont really need a touch screen, i would steer clear mate.

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    Thanks for all the info.

    I understand the motto 'buy crap, get crap', but in some instances this can be slightly advantageous - ie the player is only for a young lad...........therefore i've rather have something worth £40 with a scratched screen that something that's worth £140 (ie an official 'touch).

    I've bought a few things of dealextreme in the past & had no probs but would be willing to pay slightly more for a UK supplier.

    Having said all that, i'll have to go away & have a ponder.

    You can pick up a 1st gen ipod touch for about £70 on fleabay
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