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    Just a quick heads up for anyone that uses this service to make sure that you get your claims in quickly and double check that the item was actually delivered in time. The deadline for claims is 2 weeks so don't wait until your cheque doesn't arrive to check whether the claim was delivered in time, check on the track and trace service.

    Also don't believe it when the track and trace service tells you that your item was delivered on time, check the date matches your receipt. I've had 3 in the last 2 weeks delivered late but the Royal Mail web-site tells me that the item was delivered on time. Double check the date.


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    Oh, and my claim for the first one is taking a while so I keep phoning to chase it up. The latest they could tell me is that the details are on the system now, they read out the dates to me and they were completely wrong! Told them they need to look at the form again and get back to me.

    just had an issue with royal mail ec delivery - took them a month to deliver a cancellation notice which has resulted in an extra £35 bill for me..

    without being aware of this cockup by them I had cancelled my DD and carphone warehouse are charging an aditiona £5 on top too...

    rang royal mail they said they would give max £10 IF they accept claim!!

    [email protected] left my parcel in the road last time and it was handed in by a passerby - rang royal mail and they said parcel was in system and promised dleivery for next day!! when i told them i had it in my hand they gave me 5 x stamps as compensation and apology..

    Zimbabwe postal service has to better than this!
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