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Posted 16th Sep

Support the RNLI by getting one of their fabulous quality calendars. After the ridiculous and extremely unfair adverse publicity the RNLI has received in the last few days I wanted to buy something to show my support for the great work that they do and was pleasantly surprised to see the fantastic value calendars they had for sale.
They are only £6 each and are fantastic quality. Each picture is a painting! You can avoid postage costs by buying in their shops.
They alsohave great greetings cards too!
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Thanks so much for sharing beautiful calendars and the RLNI do fantastic work.
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Thanks for the heads up. I support the RNLI monthly but have now ordered two calendars, my Christmas cards and a game for Christmas from their website! Reasonable prices and for a worthy cause!
Thanks, so glad you found it, Mods wouldn’t let it go in deals even though it could have helped a very worthy charity and reached far more members who could have benefited from seeing a very good deal. Apparently it’s only a good deal if someone is discounting the rrp. or a potential wild goose chase! Thanks again
saniman16/09/2019 20:33


The articles had the opposite effect

Free publicity..Thanks DM!!!
EN1GMA17/09/2019 10:30

The articles had the opposite effect Free publicity..Thanks DM!!!

Since the drop in donations and the increase in donations have had no actual monetary values reported, it's of no effect at all. It could be the case that the drop exceeds the increase. Or the other way around.

We'll probably never know.

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