Found 14th Apr 2009
My mother in law has just asked me to get her a new charger for her road angel navigator after her dog decided hers would make a nice lunch!
Trouble is, she has no idea what the model is, and neither do I. I'm looking on ebay but the only chargers I can see are for the 6000,7000 and 9000 models, it doesnt appear to be any of those?
Hers looks like this:…318

If anyone knows what model it is, I'd be very grateful!

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worst case scenario, email the person who is listing that item and ask what model number they are using in their listing.

It's what it says it is, a Road Angel Navigator.

i have a cradle and charger for the road angel navigator, my actual unit was lost in the house so got a new one, would that be of any interest?
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