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    I'm looking to buy a road bike and get back into cycling. I did it quite a lot when I was younger, regularly do 40+ miles, occasional 70+, but only at a leisurely pace, and only for my own enjoyment.

    My GF has just bought a bike and want's to out for rides, and as I don't own a bike anymore it's a good chance to buy a decent-ish one and get back into it.

    I wouldn't really want to spend over £400, so I understand I'm limiting myself there.

    Been looking at the following:…tml…tml Is this woth £80 more?…tml

    Anyone got any advice?


    triban 3 definitely. I have one and have done many 50+mile bike rides and a 80+mile ride once and its still going strong.

    brother has the triban 3 and it's a great bike for the cost.

    decent link here which posts good deals on bikes.…ke/

    Do your employers run the bike to work scheme if so you can have pretax payments taken from your wage and save on the cost of the bike?

    The red Triban 3 was a great deal, the white one is but not so much. Spend a bit more and get carbon forks and 9 speed sora groupset.

    I wet through this a few weeks ago and was all settled on the triban 3 after much looking around. Eventually went for a giant which was 2nd hand and much better than anything I could have got at triban money.

    Look on eBay and the local ads there are plenty if expensive bikes for good money on the resale market.

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    Thanks all, my company don't do the cycle to work scheme unfortunately. I had a look on ebay but don't want to end up buying a dud which will need parts replacing.
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