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    After some helpe regarding my new bike that has a puncture.

    I have a Wilier Escape, and now one tire has gone im thinking I need 2 new tires and inner tubes so this doesnt happen again.

    Im going to get these tires…737

    as the reviews are good for not puncturing but the inner tubes I have no idea what size or which is good?

    Current tires are Tyres: CST RIGIDA 700-23c Steel bead non-folding so Im looking for a 700 23 tire. Any idea on tubes?…873

    would that do the job? soryy im being silly but havent a clue about road bikes

    Cheers for any help!





    why replace the tyres on a new bike? Just get some top notch inner tubes

    Original Poster

    reccomend any? yep Tyre

    Those tyres are meant to be good. I don't have them, but have heard from people who have.

    If you buy a 23c tyre then your current inner tubes should be fine once you have fixed the puncture - better tubes are not necessarily more puncture resistant - a better tyre will make the difference.

    Get some good kevlar tyres with some "slim" rim tape and youll be sorted no puctures what so ever!
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