Road Test Pedestrian - 1974 ( Public Information Film ) And the Idiots still get run over

Found 1st Sep 2017

A year earlier the UK had joined the EU, I blame the EU

Amazingly the Road Test Pedestrian of 2017 is just as dense and has no regard for their own safety!
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Common Market, not the EU.

1993 was the formal formation of the EU.
All road users are just as idiotic. And round here (strong Leave area) every bit of negative Brexit, dawning of realisation of the bleak reality facing the UK, news, seems to have a knock-on effect upon the level of aggression, impatience and general stupidity displayed. Heaven knows what it will be like when the proverbial finally, and inevitably, hits the fan.
I cannot count the amount of times I have almost been run over:

-A van parking on the pavement I was just about to walk on

-Sudden last-second signals when I'm half way crossing the road because they didn't signal all that time before (I was crossing a petrol station)

-Cars straddling the pavement that I was waiting on (I was at a four way junction on the pavement in the middle of one way for crossing, if that makes any sense)

-Cars that don't actually signal at all and then suddenly turn when you're crossing or something. Missed me by about a centimetre.

-Just about to cross a road where you can't see the corner for and then all of a sudden this car comes out of it that you didn't hear because of all the cars on the other side of the road (again, if this makes any sense. It's a turn to a busyish road)

And multiple other ways. I do pay attention to the road before I cross and never wear headphones when I'm crossing/about to cross, but it doesn't help when cars don't appear to be turning or about to speed or something. Always wait for the cars to stop at the zebra crossing, because 9 times out of 10, there will be at least one that speeds across it.

Most of these happened on a regular half an hour walk from college, which unfortunately does involve some busy roads.
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