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    I'm looking for my first road bike for a mini triathlon, not sure how it's going to go so don't want to spend the earth incase I don't get on with it but on the other hand I don't want to buy a piece of junk.

    Ideally I would spend something in the region of £350-£400. I've seen a few bikes on Evans and Wiggle but as there are no decent sales or vouchers I have no chance of being able to afford one of theirs. I've been watching ebay for weeks but nothing has come up yet.

    If anyone knows of a sale, a bike or a decent discount code then please let me know as this is driving me insane.




    Won't get much for £300 maybe one of these. :thumbsup::-D

    Try asking in the forums on Bikemagic:
    Road & Touring is probably the best one.

    The gear pages allow you to search bikes by price range:…v/1

    +1 on the £300 comment above. You might be best looking for a good second hand or older model bike.

    Original Poster

    cheers guys

    My terrible Claude Butler Stone River got nicked the other week so we got a £340 claim from the insurance to spend at Halfords, found a Carrera Gryphon V-spec and got it delivered today.
    Seems very good, dad who is an avid cyclist seems very happy with it too so I would heartily recommend that!
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