Roadtrip to Europe

    Hi guys, me and 4 other guys (1 wheelchair user) plan to go on a roadtrip at the end of the month or first week of July.

    Not sure whether to go so tell me which of the following routes you think is good and any must do stops as we have never been to Europe and what we should avoid.

    We are leaving from the Midlands and were thinking either go to Spain and Morocco or go to Northern Italy.


    Perosnally I would prefer Spain and Morocco, it's a lot of driving though, what sort of timescale? Presuming you'll take a ferry from spain?

    Not really 'routes', more two alternative destinations.

    I would go to Spain though

    do the full northern coast of france, soooo much to see & do.

    Italy with stops on the way?! So many awesome cities in Italy.

    What would you do with your car if you go to Morocco? Leave it in Spain or take it across on the ferry?
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    Im in a wheelchair, and drove a few weeks ago to spain in a group! no problem getting around when i was there, even got 70% of in barcelona zoo! Also drove to prague with a group of mates for a few days drinking without any problems. Just make sure where you stay has wheelchair access as alot of places don't or wont offer advertise it.
    Also been to alot of european theme parks as well and found them much better than english ones for disabled people. If you need and questions answered just ask!

    Drive to Nurburgring, via Amsterdam. Sorted.

    Original Poster

    Would prefer to go to Morocco to and would get a Ferry but a quick search brought up £900 with Car + 5 passengers.

    Sancho you got what I meant mate and we never thought about going coastal, good idea.

    Quick Google search shows it being around 1500 miles one way to Sevlle, Spain, £323.

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    If we went to Morocco, we would take the car through if it was cheaper.

    Will defo contact you fridgehead as need to find some cool things to do on four wheels.

    Have a really good trip, I see though you are not in the UK at the moment as you say you have never been to Europe, what is your starting point?

    When you cross the channel be aware if the weathers rough the wheelchair user will either love being thrown around on the boat like I did last week, or hate it lol. If you want do it easier I would advice getting the eurotunnel instead. they get you on and off 1st, and its only 1/2hr, the only downer if there are no disabled toliets.
    I would cross the channel 1st then drive, Don't bother getting the boat for ages its a waste of time and money.

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    Joyf4536 I meant mainland Europe, should have made it more clearer.

    I use a wheelchair so have no problems getting rocked side to side lol, must be smother than the way I fly). What did you mean by "Don't bother getting the boat for ages its a waste of time and money", are you talking about from Spain to Morocco.

    If we can't find a cheap Ferry then well go either through France to Spain (The Cathedral and former Great Mosque of Córdoba), Drive to Genova Italy and back to the UK through Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium).

    3500 miles total, roughly around £750

    I ment so people get a boat from southhampton instead of dover, which is alot longer and costs alot more, Driving to spain from france is rather quite simple although remember the tolls roads cost a bit (your looking at around 50-70 euros each way).

    My advice, would be to do the euro tunnel, then head into France, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg (for the cheap fuel fill up) and then into France and head back up to Calais via Paris.

    That route will keep you busy for a week or so going to some pretty good places.

    I have been over the channel a fair amount of times now on some epic trips, the last being 800 miles and only getting out of the car once for fuel and the euro tunnel !!
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