Roald dahl costume ideas

Found 16th Sep 2013
Roald dahl week comin up in october and my 3 year old girl needs to dress up as characters from his book


so far my husband has come up with Violet from charlie and choc factory.....but not sure how that would work....?!
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The girl from Bfg ? Would be easy enough to make the yellow dress and die the hair and get some glassless glasses.
Check goggle images.
from netmums i found this:

Violet Beauregarde - best know for chewing gum and blowing up into a giant blueberry whilst visiting the chocolate factory. Dress all in blue ( a bright blue tracksuit works well) and carry a lot of bubble gum. You could even make a ready blown up bubble of gum from a pink balloon!

ok this is doable

Sophie - wear a white nightie or dress, add pigtails and round glasses.

who is sophie?

Matlida - wear an old fashioned dress - a pinafore in a retro print or a denim pinafore works well. Add two hair clips with ribbons. Carry a pile of books

cant get her to hold books, she is 3, pinafore is possibility would have to buy it

Verruca Salt - wear a 'posh' outfit and hair tied back in a band or clip. You can even add soft toy squirrels to attack Verruca like this mum did when her little girl dressed up (see photo

aint doin no squirrels!! im useless. maybe do the willy wonka bar and stick her in posh dress, but doubt anyone would get who she is!


thing is most of them are too detailed and
a. i struggle arty wise
b. my 3 yr old would never let me stick bits and bobs on her


The girl from Bfg ? Would be easy enough to make the yellow dress and die … The girl from Bfg ? Would be easy enough to make the yellow dress and die the hair and get some glassless glasses.Check goggle images.

oh thats sophie!


ok, so basically a nightie and glasses!?
Yes, there's other pics with sewing down the side, you could add this to the nightie after with thick string. October is cold though, the other ideas might work out better.
you could dress her as the ladybird from James and the giant peach. that's a nice easy one!
A witch from the book the witches, with Halloween just around the corner I'm guessing shops like asda and tesco will have loads of stock to choose from.
Thank u million voltage, Lauren and edgygit

Witch seems dead easy, so that's a certainty, but will look into the other costumes that need more work!
bought the witches outfit from asda

also got her denim pinafore and white roll neck for matilda....???
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