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Found 21st Jul 2012
Does anyone know if I would incur roaming charges while in Jersey? I thought that because it had UK postcodes, I wouldn't, but someone told me that since it is only a Crown Dependancy, I would as it's still considered to be outside the UK.

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what telephone networks do they have over there? Isle of Man have their own networks so you have to roam, not sure about the channel isles

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Isle of Man is classed as outside the uk

It is probably the same as Jersey then.

Just realised I could text 'from Jersey' to 159 (Orange), and you are right, roaming charges :(.
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looks like Jersey is the same so you will get charged, just turn off data roaming and youll be fine. Funny thing is it doesnt cost me any extra to phone the isle of man, it gets taken out of my inclusive minutes, but if im in the isle of man calling the uk it does cost extra

You are roaming if in jersey. Jersey is outside of the eu too so be very careful with all charges. You might find that you need a different access number for your voicemail, and coverage on Jersey is not fantastic.

when ever i go the isle of man it was connected to manx telecom or something similar
got charged as if i was abroad - dont think it was expensive but it was outside my inclusive stuff
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