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Roaming - questions India

Posted 14th Apr 2014

I need some help and advice for me and a friend

My friend. Uses a lyca mobile sim from UK. In here to call India. This works

If he takes THAT SIM. To India. Will it work?

1) And how much would the charge be for HIM to call me here in UK

2) And how much would the charge be for ME. If I call him in India

The link is this I think. lycamobile.co.uk/en/…tes

But I'm not sure which option do I click and the concept of roaming and calling abroad

Would be great if someone could shed some light.

Big thank you. !
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You'll pay £1.20 to call a UK based lyca phone from a Lyca in India.
You can get a local sim as long as you're not from one country in particular. Your mate can then call you for 1p/min
1. It will cost him £1.20 per minute (landline and mobile using his Lycamobile SIM) to ring the UK from India.
2. It would cost you 1p per minute (landline and mobile using your Lycamobile SIM) to ring India from the UK.

Your friend can purchase a local SIM in India at the airport, all he needs his a photocopy of his passport, complete a form and top up. It works out cheaper for him to call you and if you wish to call him then it will be cheap for you as well.

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