Roberts Stream 83i wifi problems

Found 27th Dec 2010
I got the Roberts Stream 83i internet radio today but I am having problems with it connecting to my orange livebox. it doesnt always pick up my livebox, eventhou I have 2 other laptops connected to it via wifi so I know the problem is not in the livebox. when it does finally connect, it keeps breaking up. I know its not my internet because if I connect the radio to my pc via a LAN cable, it doesnt skip. does anyone know what is wrong with it? is it faulty? or is there some setting I didnt do right? also, when it is connected, it always say 'loading' then loses it network signal...can someone help me? or would I be better off buying a ethernet plug adapter? but why does it work fine with my laptops? I am thinking it could be the wifi reciever on the radio is poor, but reading reviews online, it doesnt seem anyone is having any connection probelms expect me. any clue on this will be great help. thank you for reading.

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I to have a Roberts stream 83i and now my Dad has one. Mine seems ok, but my Dad's one has problems now and again. I think the reason being is because he has other devices that are wireless like his senders and recievers for all the tellys and the sky remote control and we,ve found out that the signals do interfere with one another. Maybe there could be a similar sort of problem where you are. Hope this might help.
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