ROBO form problems

Posted 20th Jun 2020
Can anyone advise?

I havent used the app in sometime ( busy worrying about Covid) now it won’t let me in, wants me to upgrade and pay. Have things changed while I have been away. Any tips?
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I take it you mean "Roboform" password manager? There's still a "free" version on their website. I don't use it myself but are you sure there's not a button somewhere to click on that continues the "free" status? I.e. a bit like Avast Anti-virus. Their "free" version will try to upgrade you to the full, paid version unless you 'opt-out' to continue using the free version.

Could you not uninstall it and reinstall the 'free' one again? Or does that mean losing all your data? Perhaps contact Roboform and ask them?…=en
I used to use the free one but also had trouble using the free one a few months ago. All my passwords were stored in there so i decided to buy the paid version so i could continue using
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