robot floor cleaner

    Has anybody any experience of using a robot floor cleaner (the small circular ones)? They vary in price enormously and I can only find a few reviews - some of which appear to have come from uncles/aunts/cousins of the distributor...


    I think you are talking about devices like the Roomba. This is the only brand I know of, but I'm sure you can get copy ones too.

    I don't have one, but have seen people complaining that they're not that good at cleaning corners of rooms (because they're circular), can get stuck when changing floor surfaces (e.g. going from laminate flooring to a carpet, they can't get over the metal strip that ends the carpet), they don't learn where they can and can't go so they can get stuck in some places, and obviously they can't clean multi-floor houses :-).

    They seem to be about £250 - £300, is it really worth that for a vacuum cleaner? If it's just a cool robot you're after, buy some lego mindstorms and build your own instead!

    not very powerful for carpet IMO rubbish and really only any good on hard flooring

    waste of cash

    I don't know anyone who has one but the reviews are only good for the very expensive ones.
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