ROCK BAND 2 Cheap for the PS3?

    Hey does anyone know where the cheapest place for Rock band 2 is on the PS3,
    think play is £39.99 with the 5% off, and quidco but still steep..
    and anyone know if they are releasing the rock band 2 instruments in the uk..
    thanks in advance


    They've not actually announced that the instruments will be available in the UK,

    It's a kick in the old teeth though when Amazon UK have the RB2 cymbals as listed as coming out today.

    You probably won't get it cheaper, it tends to hold its value look at RB1, it's still at least £30 for the PS3!

    Mines on pre-order from so I'd say that's your safest bet, depends how much you want the game but £40 for over a 100 songs is pretty awesome!

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    Amazon UK have the RB2 cymbals as listed as coming out today.

    But according to the website, it only fits on rockband 2 instuments..
    kinda bizarre.. I thinkI willl wait for the price to drop more,

    Rockband is better than world tour IMO.

    really annoys me when u miss a key and the screen shakes.. so annoying
    rockband doesn't!!
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