Rock Band 2 NTSC Wii

    Hi I bought Rock Band 2 NTSC. I have version 3.4E on my pal wii, but the game asks for an update. I think it cant be a firmware update as 3.4 is the highest I can get. Can I update the game without bricking my wii? is there a poosibility it could put 3.4U on my pal wii?

    Any help would be much appreciated guys.


    I am pretty sure that will brick your wii...check wii forum on [url][/url] for answers

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    Thanks for quick reply, cant seem to find anything on that site, did quite an intense google search yesterday as well, think im going to get rid of it :-(

    If you sign up to that forum and ask the question there the guys usually have an answer, my mate uses it quite often, but I am sure he said updating to a U from and E bricks the wii.

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    cheers bud i will give that a go
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