Rock Band AC/DC - cheapest place to preorder online with Paypal

    Got some funds in paypal still and wanna buy this (comes out on friday)
    I know play, amazon etc do it for 24.99 but none of these shops
    accept paypal.
    Does anyone know where I can preorder this for delivery on release date
    and can pay with paypal? Cheapest on eBay is ~29.99..



    type in the game you are looking for...look at the drop down list of shops then go on their site to see if they accept paypal.

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    I looked there earlier.
    It´s not on that site, same as it´s not on gamestracker...

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    Got a copy off ebay now. 25 pounds inc special delivery (will receive it guaranteed on release day )
    Can´t get it cheaper and better than that lol

    good stuff tanya...enjoy!

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