Rock Band - Any Players


    Was just wondering if there are any Xbox user who play rock band?

    I always try to get a full band but cant one with all 4 members?

    If any one wants to "jam" add me, gamertag same as username on here





    be surprised if anyone owns this yet with its pricetag

    i want to buy it

    I have it, I play all instruments.

    Guitar/Bass on Expert, Drums on Expert but Hard for the last few songs. I can only sing the odd song on Expert.

    My tag is Falseywoo, So add me for jamming based antics ^^

    lol lets jam

    edit: i dont have rock band. i just think the word jam is hilarious

    £130 in gamestation -saw it today.

    lol, I dont usually say Jam but I thought cruise with the OP

    I paid £140 from PLAY on release day although I actually paid £180 because when I didnt recieve the game at the same time as the instruments I rushed out and bought a copy. Only to come home and find the one I ordered waiting there lmao



    £130 in gamestation -saw it today.

    £124.99 im my local game shop :thumbsup:


    £124.99 im my local game shop :thumbsup:

    add me on xbox tgtom.

    its scandelous really.

    I know, Right pain in the rectum when you buy something and then see it elsewher for like 20% off. Gar!!
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