Rock Band Drums - best price?

    Hi guys,

    After some Rock Band Drums to get for my little cousins for Christmas (to go with their GH:WT game and guitar!)

    If there are any good bundle deals with one of the Rock Band games then that'd be cool too



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    Oh sorry, by the way I did a fairly extensive search on here and found quite a few for about £25-£30 but always in store and I don't really live very close at all to any stores (well, far enough away it'd suck if I drove for 40 minutes and they had no stock!) so would prefer online

    The best price online is hard....would you settle for pre owned?

    A friend of mine got the rock band drums instore at HMV for £19.99 ....might be worth checking out, phone up first though, saves you wasted trip!


    what console are they for?

    They were for ps3 I think, but think you can use them for both?

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    Awesome thanks! I'll give them a call tomorrow and see if they have any... it's for 360 so not sure if it'll work with the PS3 ones tho? Will take a look now

    cheers rich!

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    Dude, you're an absolute star - thank you! Going to HMV in a bit, but if they don't have any I'll be straight onto Shopto

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    Arrrrgggggggggghh! This came up the same time as the HMV order, which I went for (£18) but just I've received an e-mail saying they've cancelled the order, and now Shopto is out of stock!

    I even told my uncle I'd got it for him, so now he's kinda probably expecting it too.


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    Quick bump, just incase there are any more below £30 Sorry.
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