Rock band drums or band in a box cheap

    would appreciate if someone would be able to find me this

    ive looked everywhere i can think and they are all out of stock or ridiculous prices




    I picked up Band in a Box last week from Smyths Toys in Charlton. 34.99…ion

    £72.99 for the band + Beatles game, seems pretty cheap (I'd imagine you'd get around £25 / £30 for the game if you didn't want it)

    You didn't say what console, according to Andywedge tjhis is for PS3 / xbox360, not sure about the Wii

    Hope this helps??


    I picked up Band in a Box last week from Smyths Toys in Charlton. 34.99


    Original Poster

    yeah for the xbox 360

    i dont live near a smyths toy store and i was looking at less than £70 coz i dont have much interest in the beetles anyway

    My friend & i went to HMV last week, picked up the drums for rock band/GH for £19.99!!!

    Might be worth checking out

    Was there the other day rich and I couldnt find any. Annoying, because I have the mike and 2 guitars - im just missing the drums!

    game have the portable drum kit for £29.99 and my local had the ps3 drum kits for £20ish but i didnt look if they had xbox

    just been looking on fleabay and if you can still stand to use them, some have sold on there for £25
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