Rock Band Drums - Xbox 360, under £30? :(

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Found 29th Nov 2009
First of all apologies for posting this again - someone came up with some awesome links a few months ago which I really appreciated, but I didn't order them as I opted for the £18 offer from HMV instead - only to get an email saying they couldn't send them about a week later, and for the others at Shopto etc to go out of stock!

I've kinda promised my little cousin I'd get him some drums for his Xbox for Christmas, but now the cheapest I can find is £55 from Game - quite a bit more than I wanted to spend Does anyone please know where I can get some from for cheaper?



you can get the portable drum kit on the two for £30 offer at hmv? x

Madcatz portable

]http//ww…29- £11.95

EDIT - Same merchant - 1st is Amazon Marketplace, 2nd is Mymemory direct (Quidco option)

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Thanks for the recommendations guys! The portable one looks good, but I'm not really sure it's that well suited for their room

Here are the full size ones for £22.99 ]http//ww…gle hope your sson has a great christmas

That would be moi!

Good luck!


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Ahh! Yup, recognise the avatar - thanks rich, and sorry for being such an idiot and not ordering when I should've done

Thanks Chuckles, but P&P with those brings it back to about £50!

dohhhh did not see the postage sorry

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No worries, it was a good spot - thanks!
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