Rock Band - Guitar Question

    Just wondering if anyone has had experience with the Guitar for Rock Band?

    I wa wondering if the Strum should have a 'click' to it, like the Guitar Hero instrument has?

    Also, if anyone has had experience with severe lag?


    Not sure about the strum, but you can calibrate the lag in the settings page.

    Rock Band guitars don´t click :-)
    Lag problems can be solved by calibrating your system

    Original Poster

    Should have mentioned... calibrated

    The lag is mainly with the 'Beatlemania' (turning guitar vertical). Takes over 10 secs to register.

    It´s the tilt sensor then that doesn´t work right (not lag)
    Take the guitar back and get a replacement.

    There are fixes for this but you may aswell just get a replacement and save yourself some work/stress

    They dont click so doing monotonous sections is hard as you have nothing to concentrate on
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