Rock Band on xbox360 question....

Found 22nd Mar 2009
I just picked up RB Band in a box yesterday. Am I right in thinking that if I buy RB2 solus version, that I can then hire RB1 solus from Blockbusters etc and import (or export) all the tracks from RB1 into RB2 game and don't need to have the original RB1 disc to play them?
ie I get RB1 tracklist for the cost of a hire and xbox doesn't need to "see" the RB1 disc anymore?


yup yup and yup
you would need to download a thing from xbox market place that would be the only cost to you...but once you have copied the songs over you wouldnt need the rb1 disk

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sweet - the download you mention is the licence renew for 400 points I think
rep for your reply - thanks

I wish Activision did this with Guitar Hero III - allowed GHII content to be imported. Having the tracks from GHII with the better note recognition in GHIII would be sweet!!
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