Rock Band Solus any good?

    I think I would really like Rock Band looking at the track listing on it. Unfortunately I can't afford or take with me (going abroad) the whole kit or even just the guitar. Anyone here play it with just the xbox controller by themselves? Do you miss out on half the game, by not being able to do the drums or play with mates?


    Personally I thought the game wasn't up to much anyway. The drumkit just doesn't work right.

    Without the instruments it would loose all meaning. You can't drum on a Xbox controller.

    It's better than GH3 for guitar, can sing (if so inclined) with your standard headset. Just the drums you'll be missing

    you cant play with the xbox controller only guitars or instruments only and the track list is cack

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    well everyone has different tastes in music kiwi you muppet

    i think the game is wicked, for someone who has wnted to play drums but never really had the time, its amazing, and the song list is awesome and they will keep adding to it!

    there bringing out drums for guitar hero


    well everyone has different tastes in music kiwi you muppet

    that was my opinion and i helped you so **** off

    lol so touchy about a musical game, musical taste is inidvidual and GH and Rockband both have some excellent tracks and some I don't like, meh. Anywho yeah Rock Band is nothing without the instruments IMO TBH FFS IMHO PCGM
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