Found 16th Nov 2007
Was just wondering where the cheapest place is to get Rock Band special edition for when it comes out? Looks fantastic :thumbsup:



not out till march next year

its gunna be so expensive here in UK. in america its like 50 dollars (25 quid!!) for one instrument and the game thas any instrument includin the drums

over here tho its gunna be way more expensive.....

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Think i might have to get one from or something then or abroad somewhere?

yer thing if gh3 is like 60 70 qwid how much are the drumms going to be getting on 100 with the game i reckon. Also if rock band is enything like gh3 thts 40 od qwid for the gutair and bass aswell more then likey 40 od again mics are onli going to be like 20 so u add tht all up

its abt £200 qwid for the entire band an d game. p.s ive been looking at vids on ig and ur going to need a big telly and lots of room for this

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Ive got a big enough telly in my room

I think might be cheaper to get shipped from abroad
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