Rock t shirts in kids' sizes - HELP!

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Found 13th May 2009
My eldest is 11 years old and has turned into a huge Guns n Roses fan - good lad, top band - and Slash is now a bit of a hero in our house! Anything that encourages the lad to practice his guitar is good. Anyway, we're trying to find GnR t shirts, or any rock t-shirts actually, in his size (large boys) but are drawing a bit of blank. He's too small for a small men's size - anyone got any ideas of where to get stuff in his size?

Muchos gracias.


the rolling stones tshirts (the ones with the tongue) used to come in XS sizes....I know because my friends little brother had one at about the same age as your son.
If not, buy one and shrint it??? or can you buy the templates, buy a normal tshirt and dont tell him

Hi there, i have exactly the same problem,i too have a son (13) who is crazy about rock, he likes guns,sabbath,Quo etc etc I have never managed to find a stockist and have been looking for about 2 years.
You may strike lucky on Fleabay as i have done a few times,just keep on checking ! There are one or two listed in the xs section for guns at the moment , you could always ask for the chest measurement etc .Mine likes his a little oversized and they certainly grow fast enough lol!

Have a look at [url][/url] they go from babies to adults.

I know this an adults one but he could get size small its only £5 del and i'm sure if he is a big fan he would be happy to own it regrdless that is a bit big. ]http//ww…tml

You know the t-shirts on that are sold in a small do shrink a little bit in the tumble dryer. Its just an idea if you get really stuck for choices. I bought small and i am size 8-10 and they are not very roomy.
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