rockband xbox 360

    does anyone know if the american version of rockband will work on a uk xbox 360?


    I believe the game itself is region locked so doubt it will work on a PAL 360

    the game is definitely region locked however if it is significantly cheaper it may still work out that the instruments work and you could pick up solus copy of the game

    won't get to play the game any earlier tho

    yea locked

    Original Poster

    ok thanks for your help, will just have to wait until its released in the uk :x

    the xbox 360 version is locked but apparently the ps3 is region free and should be playable. This is something a friend told me so its not solid fact.

    Yeah the PS3 is region free. A small percentage of the games are locked, but basically all of them are region free. When is rockband released btw?
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