Rocket Dog "sugar poppiz" boots. Preferably white leather...

Found 30th Sep 2007
OK, been looking for some Sugar Poppiz boots from Rocket Dog.

Preferably in White Leather, although the only ones I've found so far have been suede ones. :-(

So, any help appreciated. Sorry I couldn't get any more groundwork done but I'm a bloke and typically don't know where to find these things lol.
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Anyone able to help?

this only white pair I've found and they appear to be suede effect,I've seen them on a few other sites,mainly American ones in other colours.I don't think they do these in a white leather or white synthetic.
Next I would suggest you go on their site and contact them and then least you not going round looking all over for something that not exist.There a list of stockists on their website so if they do happen to have them in white leather then you can call round locally if you don't fancy a trail round the shops.

Another link this time to shoe central, however when I click through I get Invalid Link as I do when I click through the blingbay link.

I don't know if this is my system or the linked pages are not there.
Thanks you two. They did do them in white leather at one time as she has some already, they've just ripped at the soles and I don't think anyone could fix them.

I'll pass these on. Rep left.
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