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Found 11th Aug 2008
Hey all,

My wife is 8 months pregnant and is looking for a rocking chair to use int he nursery.

I saw the deal that was posted the other day, but some commented that it wasnt a comfy chair - always hard to gauge these things when buying over the net.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to where i can get a very comfy chair and foot-stool at a good price?

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Try kiddisave.com. They normally have good prices, Although not designed to breast feed the ikea ones are great. I often sit in mine to feed my LO.


My missus had one of these, and said it was fantastic :thumbsup:

£84.99 mums2b.co.uk/sho…irs

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cheers guys .. i shall pass it on - pricewise its better then i thought too!

Foosball Chum;2723481

My missus had one of these, and said it was fantastic :thumbsup:£84.99 … My missus had one of these, and said it was fantastic :thumbsup:£84.99 http://www.mums2b.co.uk/shopdisplayproducts.asp?id=3&cat=Chairs


£89.99 at Woolworths.....plus order to shop and no delivery charge hun plus go via Quidco to purchase


I got a dutailer one for the mrs when she was preggas, excellent for playing ps3 now!!! Dont get the chair without a stool, the stool makes the chair!
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