Rockwarm Cavity Insulation - anyone used them?

    Got a quote from this company today for cavity wall insulation. Just wondered if anyone else out there has had experience using this company? good or bad?



    we got cavity wall insulation last year via the local council approved installer, some people can get it free so check with your local council for any special offers that they have running, you can also get it free/subsidised from some energy suppliers so check them too. BTW it makes a massive difference.


    Our local council is doing £99 for loft and wall insulation now the ****, when I had just the walls done (mid terrace) it was £125 with the councils offer. Is much warmer in our house

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    We had a company called Snug Network come round to do a survey today. Because I have kids under 5 its free in Lincoln at minute. They are installing cavity and loft insullation next thursday.
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