Rocky Horror help needed to avoid trauma!!!!!!

Found 6th Sep 2009
I'm going to the Rocky Horror Picture Show next year. In previous, thinner, more svelte years, I've been happy to go in underwear and flaunt it.. I no longer have it to flaunt. Or maybe I have too much to flaunt....anyway...can anyone suggest a costume that will spare my blushes...I DON'T WANT TO BE EDDIE!!!!


a bit fuller would make your skimpy outfit more sexy, stick with the undies

be magenta .. maids out fit x

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Aw I love ya Scotland, but honestly, I'm way too lardy for undies lol

Why not just wear a corset with mad hair and black trosers if needs be... every woman suits a corset x

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Tinkytayls I've been thinking of Magenta.....hubby would love me to be Columbia but I'm thinking more a fully clothed Janet. Boring, I know, but hides wobbly bits

You say it's next year - can't you use it as a motive to get more like your old svelte self? I know losing a few pounds makes me feel more sexy!

Anyway I googled images for Rocky Horror Picture show here's one..…jpg

People dressed up but aren't flaunting it! I'm sure you can find something too

BTW - Lucky you - I wouldn't mind seeing it again!


Aw I love ya Scotland, but honestly, I'm way too lardy for undies lol

pics as proof or i wont believe it lol

nah why not go as Janet weiss, vast array of stuff to wear then!

omg no way from your picture you are no janet ....


omg no way from your picture you are no janet ....


where are you gonna see it? is it the theatre version?

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It is, it's the theater version, and it;'s in Feb next year. We live in NI but we're going to travel to Leicester to see it with a few friends. I've put on a bit of weight since our wedding in November (my av pic) but yeah, maybe I should use this as a motivator to make me lose the few *cough* pounds that I have put on.

There is no embarrassment to be had at the rocky horror show! Flaunt your curves with pride, If I could manage to totter round leeds city centre, in size 11 high heels, fishnets, stockings, basque etc, I am sure you will do just fine.

I do hope that the theathe dont ban the mars bars and the water pistols, like they did when I last went.

some people lke to get inshape for the beach/bikini
why dont you set yourself a goal and get in shape for the rocky horror show?

tessb if your gonna be self consious yer not gonna enjoy it and gods its a night to enjoy :lol:

you could always go in a black suit and be one of the dancers?

I was pregnant last time I went (not very but enough to show and I ain't small to begin with!!! )and wore black trousers and a waistcoat with heavy make up and mad hair. fitted right in :lol:
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