Rocky's little pebble

    Hi Guys

    Just wanted to let you all know (and just about anyone else who'll listen - lol) that Mrs R gave birth to a healthy baby boy - Jake, on Wednesday 26/7/06.

    Jake was born at 12.27pm & weighed 7lb 2oz.

    Mother & baby are both fine & at home. Dad is still on cloud 9 :-D :-D :-D…jpg


    WHoo Hoo! Good news indeed!!! Congratulations to the rockmeister!


    Congratulations Mr + Mrs rock1man

    Happy Birthday to Jake too

    [COLOR=deepskyblue]CONGRATS DaddyR[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=black]Gland both are doin fine, Just you make sure Mrs R gets lots of rest and attention xxxx[/COLOR]

    Jake is soooooo cute xxxxxx


    [COLOR=purple]Isn't he just gorgeous![/COLOR]

    [COLOR=purple]I'm sure you're just over the moon! Big Congratulations to you, the mrs and little baby Jake![/COLOR] :-D

    Congratulations Mrs & Mr Rocky1man
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